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This is my new web home for all things related to my writing.   I am currently working hard at my beginnings.  I should say my beginnings as a published author.  I’ve written for as long as I can remember; stories and tales flashing in my head like a fever dream.  The multitudes of people I’ve invented, improved, or given new sets of faults to could fill a large mid-western town.  So maybe its not a beginning, maybe its just the next inevitable step.  So please stay tuned and come back here often as I will post updates on publishing dates, post writing, and engage you, the reader.

At the moment I’m trying to find a home for my novel, Night Shall Overtake.

Night Shall Overtake is about an underpaid and over worked shapeshifter employed with a private detective in a city where the word supernatural is a misnomer.  Weird creatures that normally inhabit horror films and bad dreams skulk the streets.  Things that practically defy imagination are running the 7-11’s.  In what should be a cut and dry missing person’s case, Twila Matthews gets quickly caught up in a series of situations that begins to point to bigger problems. It seems that even her cell phone is working against her.  Well not the phone itself, more like the demon that has taken up residence in it. But that’s the least of her worries. The woman Twila is tracking down winds up a part of a wider conspiracy. When she finds her target dead it leads Twila and her crew into the darkest parts of the city in direct confrontation of the most evil and diabolical of monsters.

-Michael R Collins
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