Look! A new post in where I speak of things and dwell on my own thoughts.

I’m sitting here looking at the blog and wondering, ‘What the hell am I supposed to do with this thing?’  I’ve tried a blog before, but it was more for shits and giggles than anything else.  And like most things I do it contained a few rants and then wound up being a bunch of links to music on YouTube that I think people should be digging on.  But this time I’m doing it because, as of next year, I will be a published author and this is the sort of thing published authors do.  What should I write about though, that is the big question.

As usual,  I have that nagging voice in the back of my head that wonders why anyone would want to read what I have to say, but he’s easy to shut up since I got the email from Nick at BBS saying that Night Shall Overtake is getting published.  I suppose I could weigh in on the pressing topics of the day, such as outspoken reality show rednecks or what I love/hate about the holidays.  But I think the real issue I’m facing as I type this is that I need to learn to open up.  I need to learn not to lock up what I have to say inside.  Sure I can write it, and often do, but that doesn’t mean I am always comfortable hitting the publish button.  Writing fiction is easy.  Expressing raw thoughts is scary as hell.

(And in case you are just dying to know my take on the aforementioned topics, it is: a: he’s a reality television actor so who cares.and b: I love the warm fuzzy parts of the holidays / hate that commercials make gift giving an obligation instead of an appreciation of friends and family.)

As I mull all this over my computer is playing an odd shuffle of Ween, Monster Magnet, and PJ Harvey.  Often I rely on my musical choices to reveal bits of myself. Or the books I read.  These are handy little windows that I can allow a person to peek in but not really see much.  Just enough.  Here, I’ll open that window a little more; some of the author’s will always have place on my bookshelves are Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Kurt Vonnegut and Poppy Z Brite.  There now you know a little bit more.

Speaking of Poppy Brite, I just recently found out that she has been in transition.   Instead of Poppy Brite she is now Billy Martin.  Apparently he has been in female-to-male transition for a number of years.  I applaud this.  Poppy’s books were a big influence on a much younger and wider-eyed version of myself and left an indelible influence on me as a writer.  I’ll admit that the news caught me a little off guard, but it has more to do with the immensity of such a change than the actual change itself.  I’ll ruminate more on this later, but I do suggest checking his blog out: http://docbrite.livejournal.com/tag/ftm.

For those you keeping track, my odd shuffle is now playing Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

I suppose I’ll sign off this post with good tiding of happy holidays and a prosperous new year.   Let’s try for less strife and work together more often in 2014.  Also, stare up at the stars at least 20% more than you did the previous year.

Remember kids: Stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and don’t pick your nose at the red light.


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