The Christmas season has come to an end and a new year can be now counted in mere hours away.  2013 has been…a year.  Good year? Bad year?  Probably enough of both to even out.  It was a busy year, I can at least say that much with all certainty.  As the year comes to a close it is nice to see some of that hard work pay off.  Not only with work or school, but also with goals I set for myself.   As the year started I set the goal to not only finish a novel, but to have it in shape enough to submit.  I was able to leap past that goal by actually submitting it ahead of schedule.  I definitely was not expecting to close out the year with a book deal.  It’s nice that life still likes to hand out pleasant surprises from time to time.

So what is in store for the next year?

More hard work that pays off, I hope.  I have two novels I’m currently working on in tandem, both polar opposites of each other.  With luck at least one of them might be in the same position Night Shall Overtake is this time next year.  All I can do is continue to work while I wait from my manuscript for NSO to come back for edits.

But what is this aforementioned and soon to be published novel?  Gather ’round and I shall give you a taste of things to come.

**Twila Matthews is an overworked employee of Joe and Brothers, a private investigation agency.  Despite all of her complaints about it, she lives through her job. Joe and Brothers is a family run agency started by Joe Underwood, who happens to be an only child. Joe thought the ‘Brothers’ on the marquee would make it more appealing and gives him a chance to make up new ways for his unfortunate fake brothers to have met their demise. These sob stories were good for picking up women and conning old ladies: both his specialty. His other specialty was supernatural and creature removal. Like pest control, if your pest is an eight foot monstrosity lurking in the basement.

The world is a strange place.

Supernatural is a misnomer, it’s pretty much just natural.  Weird creatures that normally inhabit horror films and bad dreams skulk the streets.  Things that practically defy imagination are running the 7-11’s.  As a shapeshifter Twila is also a part of this world, whether she likes it or not. Sometimes surly and abrasive, she reluctantly becomes involved in a case that leads her into the darkest parts of the city.  Joe is still despondent over his divorce, so Twila is sent out to do all the dirty work.  They take a case from a shady client to find a missing woman who seems to have run with the wrong crowd. Twila takes along her fellow coworker Kevin, a young and slightly naive glorified secretary who is eager to prove his worth.

And from there things get weird(er).  As the enter the deepest and darkest corners of the city they face the most sinister and enigmatic evil to ever reside within a greater metropolitan area.  An evil that could engulf the entire city. **

Will the Joe and Brother’s agency beat back the darkness?  Will Twila ever not be surly?  Will I find shoes that are both comfortable yet stylish?  I suppose we’ll find out in 2014.

Remember kids: Stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and never mix stripes with plaid.


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