Not the radio you want, but the radio you deserve.

I’ve not much new to report from the wide wide world of writing.  Still pending anything new with Night Shall Overtake and the couple of writing contests that I’ve entered haven’t announced that I won yet. (At least I’m assuming that I won, I mean, why wouldn’t I?  Right?).  The two major projects that I am currently working on are coming along nicely.  One is an atypical ghost story.  It’s a little Barkeresque and taking me on a eerily interesting journey into the cult mind.  Project #2 is a departure from what I usually go on about.  It’s a more serious and poignant story about youth, religion, relationships, and being ostracized.

On top of all the above I’ve thrown myself headlong into a completely different endeavor.  Radio.  I’ve always wanted to be a radio DJ and thanks to our best friend, the internet, I’ve put together a radio show.  Music will always be the great soother of beasts and the mover of hearts and asses.  I don’t claim to have the greatest tastes in music, but I’m am a fierce supporter of sharing wonderfulness.  And I do like exposing myself and others.  (To music)

Life is too short for crappy music.  

So without further ado I shall formally announce the creation of Saint Zero’s Headphone Bleed.  The debut show will be Saturday, Feb 15, 9 pm (cst) at  It’s a no frills mayhem induced show that will feature a wide variety of music and genre’s.  They will be rock.  There will be roll.  There will also be blues, and jazz, and chill, and trip-hop, and hell maybe even polka.  More information and updates can be found via the twittersphere at  @saintzero42.  So please come and listen.  As i get the bugs worked out I will take requests, suggestions, and have fun with people who join in the chat room.

Oh yeah, BTW, there will be a chat room.

Isn’t technology fun?  And if I have anything to do with it, technology will sound a helluva lot better too.

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and it’s only dirty the first time.


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