Blah, blah, blah…..shameless plugs….stuff….

So I’ve been trying to get some writing in only to constantly be distracted by all this Olympics going on.  Found out that not only is there a sport called Skeleton, but its pretty intense to watch.  Nothing like laying head first on a sled and speeding down a frozen tube at 80 mph.  When I watched I wondered what the constant jangling sound was, then I realized it’s their brass balls.

And of course the hockey, but hockey often distracts me.  That’s nothing new.

Last week was the pilot episode for my radio show, Saint Zero’s Headphone Bleed.  It was a rocking good time, and despite it being scabbed together, there were no major glitches and I even had listeners.  But it would be cool if I could have more. (hint, hint)  I’m doing it again Saturdays at 11pm (cst).  It will be two hours of random music, paused only by bad jokes and awkward stammering.  How does that not sound like a good time?

Since I really don’t have much else to go on about, I’ll just keep shamelessly plugging some stuff.

Author Jason Gehlert is coming out with a new, and quite frankly awesome, book called Red Triangle.  If you like sharks and San Francisco, then you have no reason not to read it.  If you hate sharks and San Francisco then you still have no reason not to read it because, you know, horror.  Expect it May 1st.  Jason’s website ==>

Aaaand speaking of things with words, Black Bed Sheet Books has been taking on a slew of new talent lately.  Not only is my new novel due out this summer but so are a number of others.  Screw doing things this summer, let’s just read and get scared.  While you’re waiting though, might as well get caught up on what’s available and check out the bookstore.

I would also like to announce that I am open to reviewing your work.  So if you have a book, album, or just your kids macaroni art; hit me up at and I’ll be happy to give unbiased opinions of it via the blogosphere.

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and long live rock and roll.


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