I always was partial to June.

It’s out!

My first published work is finally been released to let the world do with it what it will.  Night Shall Overtake, published by Black Bed Sheet Books, is now available where ever the hell you get your reading material.  And, coincedentally, my second published work is also out.  My story ‘Possession’ is included in the current issue of Shadows & Light anthology, so you can read that one as well.  And you should because it has a lot of fine authors in it.

It’s a pretty damn good feeling, right now.  A life long dream come true.  Twice, even.

Getting it published is the first step.  Now to try and sell the damn thing.  I’ll be the first to admit, it’s a strange little story and not terribly conventional.  It’s not quite horror, not quite detective story, and deinfinitely not for the kids.   As Nick put it,  ‘a thrilling whodunnit creaturefest.’ I think he pinned it.  Has a nice ring to it, right?

A big thanks to all the folks who helped hammer it into shape.  And even more so to my long-suffering family and roommates who have had to deal with my crazy ass throughout.    If I wasn’t holed up writing, I was sitting around grumpy because I should have been writing.  Not that it’s any different now.

You have no idea how many times I’ve heard this as I emerged from the computer. My roommates think they are just Hil-ar-ious.


Below are all the fine internet establishments that you can find both stories at.  I’ll be pushing to get physical copies in physical stores and will keep you updated on that.  Of course, you could help a writer out by having your local book store put one or two on the shelf.  (I’m giving you puppy dogs eyes right now)

Anyone with a blog, website, radio show, or major television network; I’m totally willing to whore myself out and trade reviews, interviews, and shameless plugs if you are.  Whatever it takes to get the word out that this strange tale of crime, creatures, and creepiness is something the people need to read.

Of course now that NSO is out, I can’t let myself get lazy on my next projects. (Too late!)  My very much not-a-horror-story story about two youth’s struggle with ostracization and survival on their own is coming along swimmingly and probably my next book.  The ghost story is on hiatus right now, but certainly not forgotten.  The pile of notes I keep making for it is getting bigger and quite possibly a fire hazard.

Life is good.

Night Shall Overtake Links:

Black Bed Sheet Store(print) , BBS(digital)Amazon

Shadows & Light Links:

Createspace, Amazon(digital)

Remeber kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and do a little dance-make a little love-get down tonight.


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