Tit for Tat with the Bicast.

Here is a little something I recorded with Lynette at The Bicast.  Take a listen then go check out their site.  Entertaining and informative, The Bicast has a little bit for everybody.

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Switching Gears

I’ve been happily blathering on about Night Shall Overtake (which is available here and here if you haven’t gotten your copy yet) and will continue to do so, but it’s been written and new stories must be told.  One of which is actually nearing something that resembles a final rough draft.  It’s a piece that has held a number of challenges for me the biggest of which is switching gears.  NSO was all about monster’s and dark places that you don’t wanna go at night.  This new one is pretty much the opposite.

Switching gears is a challenge all in of itself.  The majority of my work has been dark fiction, whether it be horror or not.  It is usually genred in one way or another.  So writing my second novel has been something akin to actual work.  It’s involved more research than I usually put into my writing and something new for me: creative discipline.  Instead of letting my warped little mind just throw out ideas and going with it, I have actually had to keep my self on message.  Instead of a monster suddenly popping out from the shadows, or suddenly a gratuitous sex scene, or suddenly a monster popping out into a gratuitous sex scene, I’ve had to say  “No weird stuff this time.”


It’s also the first time I’ve really wanted to say something.  Instead of subtly interjecting little points here and there, it’s out in the forefront.  Two teenagers, living in a small-ish religious community are turned out of their homes for the simple fact that they are not straight.  These two best friends, boys-not-quite-men, have to do what it takes to survive.  And despite Mark and Trevor’s best efforts it changes them.  But it’s not just the world that they have to try and gain some acceptance from but each other.  Both are outed as gay, but Mark is also coming to terms with the fact that he is bisexual, which causes a strain on their friendship.

See, I can write serious stuff too.

Other challenges I have are avoiding cliches and finger pointing.  Just because they are kicked out of their home doesn’t mean they turned to hustling on the street or one of them winds up dead in a street gutter.  Kids come out and have a rough time of it from those they counted on to support them.  This happens.  A lot.  But every story is different and it doesn’t always end up with prostitution or an O.D..

I’m trying to avoid finger pointing because the whole ‘us vs. them’ thing just pisses me off.  We’re all in this together and we need to come to peace with that. In fact that’s one of the main points I’m trying to make.  It shouldn’t be religion vs. gay, or straight vs. gay, or even bisexual vs. monosexual.  Unfortunately that’s usually what the majority of these situations boil down to and it’s fucking retarded.  Such a small thing rips apart families and communities.  What’s the point?



Never fear, I have a scary monster-filled ghost story in the wings and am excited to finally dig fully into it. I have to do this first, though. Something important, then back to the weird.


Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and read Night Shall Overtake.


There gonna be some changes around here…

Jesus, it’s been busy lately.  Between work, writing, the radio show, promoting my book, and all the stuff in between, I’ve been a busy boy.  I am not complaining though.  It’s either that or I sit around watching TV.  Or play Doom. Or with myself.

I’ve been slowly making some changes to this site but I’ve also been making changes in the way I’m approaching this whole thing as well.  I spent way too much time just dreaming about making things happen and now that I’m actually doing it, I am realize just how much work it takes.  Books don’t sell themselves.  Essentially I have to plan certain activities around certain days.  Writing is a Monday-Wednesday-Friday thing with extra time on the weekend.  Of course if the muse strikes (or slaps me upside the head) then it’s write when the iron is hot. (I’ve mixed my metaphors, pray I don’t mix them again).  The radio show is usually planned on Thursdays and finished up Saturday.  Tuesday has now become the official day of book whoring.  That’s where I beg and plead for book reviews and interviews, getting it on shelves, etc.

It’s officially time to get serious with not only the book, but the Headphone Bleed too.  Honestly, I started it to fuel my long standing fantasy to be a radio DJ.  I figured once I tired of it or it got in the way, I could just drop it and move on.  The problem is, I enjoy it way too much to give up on it now.  I want it to strive and succeed.  The only way to do that is to bring in more listeners and the only way to do that is to put some real work into it.  Maybe move out of my own comfort zone a little. This will mean more time and energy on my part spent on it, but I’m up for it.

So that means a few changes, not only to the existing structures I have, but with myself.  I’m adding a new page to the blog specifically for The Headphone Bleed and one for reviews and interviews.  I’m also looking at for a better place to post previous episodes of the show because it takes forever to load more on portable devices. (I’m up for suggestions if you got ’em.)  Also flirting with Facebook page for it, but we’ll see.

And as usual I will promote whatever the hell I feel like, but I promise to actually tell the people I’m promoting this time.  I swear.  Or you all can beat me to the punch and submit your work for promotion.  Whichever.

Time to shit or get off the pot.


Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.