Free Stuff! Part 2 – Electric Bugaloo

It’s live!


The super-d-duper freebie giveaway is up and running.  Free ebooks, free signed copies, and a sweet prize package of cool stuffs for those who enter.  You can be the proud owner of NIGHT SHALL OVERTAKE without spending a dime.


The rules are simple.  Give me your name.  That’s pretty much it.  Leave me a comment here, or go here on Facebook or even do it on Twitter.  I’ll pull names and give cool stuff.

If you recommend someone to this little party and they mention that you did indeed recommend them, you get put in twice.  How about that for a slice of fried gold?  The more people enter, the better your chances are.  I’ll give updates and congrats to you lucky bastards through the month so keep your eyes peeled.


Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and this isn’t a desperate ploy to get someone, anyone, to read my book.



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