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Jak Hartlen, 19, the son of William and Mary, will face many thresholds of flesh and mind on his road to reaping the Whirl Wind; seeds of grief and guilt only now coming to fruition. If only they’d know what they were doing… The Gan and their Areht who shape the world behind the scenes will hate him, because he’s a threat they’re not sure can be chained. The Pillars and their Faithful who spread the world’s leading religion will fear him, because his existence, once known, will challenge Ages of dogma and accepted history. The Crimson King and its Servants who seek to return to power, destroying all that remains of The White, will hunt him, because even in death, they’re not sure he’ll ever bow to the Dark. —They All Should. For as One of Five with the power to shake the world, they will hollow his heart and mind through countless sacrifice and vengeful selfishness.

The first book in Wade Garret’s Kingdom Come series: Genesis is complex and compelling. Diving into this book is diving into a complete world already served and delivered. It’s hard not to get sucked into the rich and developed story as well as the elaborate and well fleshed out characters. As we follow the main character Jak, the story chugs along, building up momentum and makes it hard to put down.  There is a spirit of DUNE that is apparent and indelible. In the beginning you feel a little bombarded with all the little details, but the farther you get those details help guide you through and make it all the more real.

This isn’t a book you should expect to read quickly and move on. It’s a fantastic tome of sci-fi/fantasy immersion.

Tell us a little bit about yourself using sentences with 4 words or less:  I’m a Joker. I’m a Student. I dabble in Beers. I’m a tattoo Enthusiast. I’m a lover of Comics. I’m a Gray Jedi. I’m Paper or Plastic. I’m a Curmudgeon. I’m a Father. I’m a Husband. I love long Naps. I’m a bearded Bastard.

Most writers have little rituals or things that must be just so while they write. What are yours?  It’s mostly late at night when I get around to do any real writing, so: First, I have to have energy drinks. Next, it has to be quiet, except for a single TV somewhere in the house. Third, I pace a lot in the dark; I talk aloud, which is often how I get my wheels turning as I move from one room to another. Then, I do pull ups to stay awake or take a pause. Finally, If/When the writing gets more fluid, I tend to put on and take off my hat every hour while scratching my head. It’s weird. Those are just a few of my habits.

The first book in your Kingdom Come Series: Genesis is a grand sweeping epic with a truly complex world. The stack of notes you have in creating this world must be enormous. How tall would this stack of notes be? (round to the nearest inch):  If I had them all to stack and considering old napkins don’t stack well on crumpled yellow note paper….I’d say a soon-to-fall tower roughly 36 inches.

In regards to a series, is there such a thing as too many installments? Please answer in the form of a question:  What is writing till there’s nothing left to tell?

With the  prospect of writing a series what is your approach: sneaking up on it or already at the finish line waiting for it to catch up?  Knowing the Three: Beginning; Middle; End. Getting from one point to the next is fun and your destinations might end up slightly different when you finally arrive, but you’ve got to have a pretty good idea of where you want to go or you might never start the journey.

What upcoming projects are you looking forward to the most?  I’m working on some shorts. I’m excited by them, but mostly because I’m scared. I love how good short-story writers can give you just that right amount.

Some people listen to music while they write. Are you one of those, and if so, what?  When I listen, it’s Rock, all kinds, but I think my favorite is different variations of Folk.

Ask yourself (and answer) a question:  Q: What is the most important thing in creating Heroes and Villains? A: Believability—without this, you can’t relate to them or admire them or fear them; you can’t love or hate them. Without it, they’re 2D.

Ask me a question: What goes through the mind of a bowl of petunias as it falls from the sky and what could we hope to learn from it? The bowl of petunias would think “Oh no, not again.”  We would learn much more about the universe than we do now.  And of Agrajag.

Exactly where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and what country would she be extradited to if she was finally caught?  She’s in Florida, renting an apartment, selling T-shirts to tourists and she’d be extradited to Egypt.

You can find Genesis wherever fine books are sold such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as Black Bed Sheet Books.

Don’t forget to check out his website, Wade Garret’s World.


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