All I wanted to do was post this picture….and then I wrote words…..


I have finished my rough draft!  I can now let it get beta tested then tear it apart and rewrite the entire thing.  I shall slay all my overused adverbs, thereby rending my word count in half.  Let the long nights of self doubt and gnashing of teeth begin as I become certain that it is drivel and bipolarly (it’s a word now, dammit) decide it’s genius a second later.

And just in time for Halloween; that season of spooks and haunts.  Brimming with dark joy, I’ve already written things that  have scared the crap out of me.  Is it weird that I feel comfortable with bowel-loosening fear.  I should probably ask someone about that. Maybe buy some Depends as well. (Just in case)

I’m even considering doing NaNo this year, despite the fact that I have ZERO time for it.  Yay for masochism through overextending yourself!

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and some other thing.