Look Ma, I’m on TV!

A couple months ago I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by Mark and Charlie from Austin Horror.  It just aired over at FanboyTV and is available for your consumption. It was a fun interview and I had a great time with it.  We talked about Night Shall Overtake and The Headphone Bleed, as well as some of my influences.  This is my first interview and first time in front of a camera, so it was extra exciting for me. I highly suggest that you check out more episodes of Austin Horror or anything else over at http://www.FanboyTV.com to get your geek on.

So without further ado, a big green dork, live from Austin:


Thanks to everyone at Austin Horror and at FanboyTV.com for asking me onto the show.  I had a blast.

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and it’s not easy being green.


About Michael R Collins

Michael R Collins is an author of stories that need be told. Often dark and sometimes seedy, they can also be poignant. They are fast-paced and atmospheric stories with characters both fantastic yet relatable. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, he currently lives in the creative bosom of Austin, Texas. If he's not working for the man, he's either writing or annoying the neighbor by playing his bass guitar far too loud.

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