I have an announcement to make….

Insert fanfare and rejoicing here.
Insert fanfare and rejoicing here.

I am pleased as punch (the only scenario that I can see punch being pleased is if someone spiked it, but I digress) to announce that my show/radio station The Headphone Bleed is now at FanboyTV.com.  FanboyTV is where you can get all your geek needs fulfilled and I’m excited about being added to it.  You might know it as the home of Austin Horror where yours truly was lucky enough to be interviewed last year.


What this means is now you can have one stop shopping for all your Bleed needs.  The continuous playing station and live recorded episodes will be in one spot.  Not to mention it will be rubbing elbows with a bunch of other really great content.  I will still post episodes and update the Headphone Bleed page on this site for awhile, but I’m sure I’ll be putting all Bleed content up at FanyboyTV in the future.

As of this writing things are still under construction, but hopefully in the next week or so, we’ll get everything up to full speed.  Stay tuned…..

Here is a taste ==> http://fanboytv.com/oysters-have-herpes/

Remember kids; stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and keep rocking in the free world.


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