“Everything is amazing and no one is happy” A rant in G minor.

Just fair warning.
Just fair warning.

Life is beautiful.  It truly is.

Life is ugly.  It truly is.

Life is

I’ve been bumping around this dust ball for a few years now and it never ceases to amaze me.  There is so much in it.  So much beauty and kindness.  Then someone poops in my Cheerios.  Usually it’s when I turn on the news or step outside.  People are dicks.  I don’t think they intend to be, it just happens that way.  Our capabilities are endless (except for being able to fly like Superman.  Disillusionment #1 for a young self, let me tell you) and we exploit those capabilities daily.  Sometimes it’s for such good that I want to weep for joy.  Other times I want to weep for other reasons.

Most, if not all, of our troubles come from differences.  We have a hard time reconciling them.  Whether its with ourselves, or the other creatures around us, we have issues.  I can honestly say when it comes to other people, I have no fucks to give about how different you are from me.  We are all the same.  This is not a mindlessly spurted cliche to counter white guilt or to impress you.  We are actually all the same in the most fundamental of ways.  Each and every one of us are mammals.  We are furry (to varying degree), we have four-chambered hearts, and warm blooded.  Despite what some news outlets would like you to believe blacks, illegal immigrants, and welfare recipients have all these qualities.

WE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN STAR STUFF.  I don’t give a shit what your religious or scientific belief is, this is true.  If a God did create us, then he had to use something, right.  Star stuff.  5 billion years ago (or 4 thousand, whatever, time doesn’t matter for purposes of discussion) there was a swirling disk of gas.  Now that swirling disk of gas is everything you know and love.

Everybody's first baby picture.
Everybody’s first baby picture.


Including yourself.  And space is so vast that our petty bullshit doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Not in the long run, because the long run goes way farther than you can grasp.  You get pissed when you have to drive to another state because ‘It’s a long ways away’.  The closest star, we can’t even reach in one person’s lifetime given current technologies.  Your argument, any argument, is so invalid that it almost negates itself.  Technically I am made of the same material as a hot fudge sundae.  The only difference between me and the hot fudge sundae is it’s much more delicious than I and doesn’t have a driver’s license.

I am merely human in my emotions and mentality.  I do judge people as anyone does.  My criteria isn’t solely based on difference.  As I stated before about the quantity of fucks given on differences between others and myself, I don’t get hung up color, religion, geographical residence, political affiliation, or sports team.  I judge almost exclusively on whether or not you are an asshole.  Let’s face it, some people’s actions almost justify a good curb-stomping.

STOP BEING ASSHOLES! PLEASE! (I was raised to be polite)

Whether you are the cop who murdered an innocent man or the angry residents tearing up your own town; stop being an asshole.  Pointing a self-righteous finger at someone because they believe something different; stop being an asshole. Justifying the actions of a madman who killed 6 million people in concentration camps: stop being as asshole.(side note: these people are actually bigger assholes than the original asshole [i.e. Hitler] because Hitler was out of his fucking mind.  These dicks have made the choice to idolize this clown and his actions.)

Moral of the story: We are all the goddamn same.  If you think someone isn’t the same, that they are so different from you that you cannot relate to them on a level that you discriminate against that person, let’s keep something in mind.  That person, despite their offending difference, has to wipe their ass at least once a day.  At least once they have farted whilst sneezing.  They have looked in the mirror at one time and thought, ‘Damn, I need to do something different with my hair.’.  And at one time long ago you and that person where nothing but a collection of atoms swirling around a hot gassy soup not caring if they were a gay catholic transgendered black woman who only eats organic while sipping cheap domestic beer and shops at corporate run stores.

I don't judge you for drinking this but I will encourage you to make better decisions with your life.
I don’t judge you for drinking this but I will encourage you to make better decisions with your life.

I write this out of weariness.  I’m tired of you shitheads.  I’ve seen such beauty and it is so painfully sporadic when it happens.  We have built great things, we have helped each other through adversity, and we invented pizza.  The greatness we can aspire to is limitless.  Sure we made it to the moon because of adversity, but don’t you think we can get farther than that if we work together?

“Stay the hell away from me until you figure out your littering problem.” Sincerely, Mars

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and be kind, rewind.