News of the World (or at least my world)

As I start my collection of rejection letters for Pale Winter Sun, I am happy to say that at least my short stories are tantalizing the eyes of discerning readers.  This week my story Washing Blood With Blood has been published on the recently relaunched website The Carnage Conservatory.  It’s a dark and dreary story that was posted along with other really great stories so I strongly urge you to check it out.  (I’ll know if you don’t and give you that same sort of disappointed look you hate to see on your parents face)

Another piece of good news is that my story Start Again will be published in the upcoming Shadows and Light Anthology.  That one will be available in September.  It is a little ghost story inspired by creepy apartment buildings I have loved before.  While you are waiting for that you can always check out my work in an edition from last year here.

I’m tinkering away at a sequel for Night Shall Overtake, and it’s coming together well but stubbornly.  And I’m still working on the same dark ghost story that I’ve been hacking away at for the last decade.  (You may think it will wind up being a massive tome after all this time but don’t forget that the delete button is the genocide of writing.)

Next bit of news:

I am now a part of the Bicast!  I’ve been a supporter of the Bicast almost since the beginning and very pleased to work with these amazing people.  Last year I did a Tit for Tat Session with Lynnette and she has the distinction of being the first guest on my own show The Headphone Bleed. I’m looking forward to working and helping the Bi community, something that I have done little to nothing about in the past. Time for my anti-social ass to actual do some good in the world instead of shaking my angry fist in the air and think that will somehow make things change.

And speaking of The Headphone Bleed, I’m finally getting around to having more guests and whatnot.  I’m working on getting a few folks on at the moment.  I will say right now that if you or someone you know would be interested in being a guest on the show, drop me a line at and I would love to include you on the show.  Whether you are a musician, artist, writer, just some random person, or whatever; I would like to bring you on.  We’ll laugh we’ll cry, we’ll listen to music.

Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and groove is in the heart.