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In a city who’s gritty underbelly might try an eat you, weird creatures that normally inhabit bad dreams roam the streets.  Lovecraftian horrors have day jobs and things that defy imaginations are running convenience stores.  Twila Matthews, an underpaid shapeshifting private detective with a cell phone possessed by an unnerving demon, is hired on a simple missing person’s case.  But when she finds her target dead, an unraveling conspiracy leads Twila and her crew in direct confrontation with the most evil and diabolical of monsters.

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Night-Shall-Overtake-Michael-Collins/dp/069223974X/

Black Bed Sheet Books – http://downwarden.com/blackbedsheetstore/authors/michael-r.-collins/night-shall-overtake?cPath=81_177&zenid=808caa42796788bc96d7c095e6e9410b


About Michael R Collins

Michael R Collins is an author of stories that need be told. Often dark and sometimes seedy, they can also be poignant. They are fast-paced and atmospheric stories with characters both fantastic yet relatable. Born and raised in Southern Idaho, he currently lives in the creative bosom of Austin, Texas. If he's not working for the man, he's either writing or annoying the neighbor by playing his bass guitar far too loud.

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