Review – Tongues By Sam Joyce



Journalist Catherine Cobb is caught up in something so much more than she expected when she goes to a little Texas town.  Investigating Aryan groups, she quickly realizes that there is something more dangerous than the racists she is there to interview.

A sporadic rash of sudden violence quickly erupts into something more wide spread and she tries to simply get out with her life.  Things get so much worse as she stumbles headlong into a plot involving government agents, a dark occult practitioner, and forces that threaten the world at large.

Catherine quickly learns that no one is safe, nor can anyone be completely trusted.

The thing about starting a new book, especially going into one cold, you’re really not sure what to expect.  Coming out of the gate with issues like Neo-Nazi’s and racism might put one on guard when digging into a new read but it pays off.  Instead it drives you into the real meat of the story. There is plenty of action and occult shenanigans to whet the appetite as Joyce spares no details on his characters and the mechanisms of what drives the evil in Tongues. The story keeps you moving forward and you’re never quite sure when the next turn will come or where you will end up. A fun and dark read.

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Quick update# 598

Just checking in to say that yes I am still alive.  Trying to juggle everything has been a chore on top of getting sick and putting me back a couple weeks on everything.  But never fear, progress is still being made.  A new episode of the Headphone Bleed should be up in the next couple of days for you music lovers.  Pale Winter Sun is just going through a few last minutes edits to clean up a some rough edges and then it’s off and running.  The cover is done, though I want to make a few minor adjustments before the big reveal.

I’m both excited and nervous about stepping into the self-pub area, but the I am looking forward to the freedom it allows.  Either way, it’s going to get published whether anyone likes it or not, dammit!  I’m definitely not lacking in things to do though.  I am vigorously molesting one story’s rough draft and I’m trying to get the sequel to Night Shall Overtake it’s momentum.  As well as a couple short story projects that are floating around.

I plan on posting a few excerpts of current projects in the near future, so prepare to get scared.

Remember kids: Stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and I’d rather have the bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.