Quick update# 598

Just checking in to say that yes I am still alive.  Trying to juggle everything has been a chore on top of getting sick and putting me back a couple weeks on everything.  But never fear, progress is still being made.  A new episode of the Headphone Bleed should be up in the next couple of days for you music lovers.  Pale Winter Sun is just going through a few last minutes edits to clean up a some rough edges and then it’s off and running.  The cover is done, though I want to make a few minor adjustments before the big reveal.

I’m both excited and nervous about stepping into the self-pub area, but the I am looking forward to the freedom it allows.  Either way, it’s going to get published whether anyone likes it or not, dammit!  I’m definitely not lacking in things to do though.  I am vigorously molesting one story’s rough draft and I’m trying to get the sequel to Night Shall Overtake it’s momentum.  As well as a couple short story projects that are floating around.

I plan on posting a few excerpts of current projects in the near future, so prepare to get scared.

Remember kids: Stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and I’d rather have the bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


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