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In Shadows Of The Wicked

Jeremy and Reggie Mayer watched their mother die at the ethereal hands of three terrifying phantoms, the Family. Now they live their lives as best they can, outrunning the memory and hope to put enough distance between them and their tormentors. Unfortunately, the Family won’t be kept away so easily. They have plans for the brothers and their friends. Plans that include Floyd, a middle-aged man who befriends young Reggie in an attempt to bring the boys back ‘home’.

Floyd, obsessed with classic industrial music, has different ideas and wants to suck the others into his own twisted world of darkness. As the Family escalates their attacks on the brothers, no one is safe. In their efforts to rid themselves of the spreading evil, Jeremy and Reggie will find themselves in places that blur the lines of reality, as well as life and death.

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coverPWSIsolation in the cold of winter. That’s all Mark Jensen has as he fights to survive. Living in the small Mormon community of Grason, Idaho, Mark and his best friend Trevor have no one but themselves. Both are shunned from their families for simply trying to live open and honestly as homosexual. Cold and queer, the boys make do with what little they can, counting on no one but themselves in the stark Idaho countryside.
Mark’s struggles increase when he becomes afraid of confiding in his last friend. The growing realization that he is bisexual confuses and conflicts him. It leaves him feeling more alone than ever. Friendships are redefined and stretched to the limit as the two young men scratch by and they ask themselves; can they survive each other?



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NSO coverIn a city whose gritty underbelly might try to eat you, weird creatures that normally inhabit bad dreams roam the streets. Lovecraftian horrors have day jobs, things that defy imagination are running convenience stores and fast food joints. Twila Matthews, an underpaid shapeshifting private detective with a cell phone possessed by an unnerving demon, is hired on a simple missing person’s case. But when she finds her target dead, an unraveling conspiracy leads Twila and her crew into the darkest parts of the city in direct confrontation with the most evil and diabolical of monsters.

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Systems Within Systems

A future history of the world that has become so obsessed with biomechanical augmentation that they begin being born with them. Nature responds in kind and humanity must adapt to survive.

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Washing Blood With Blood

860b30191e60ad6dbe81edf225758d03A grim little slice of life about what happens to a group of people after the Elder Gods come to Earth and wreck their horrible madness and havoc on us. Jackson, the reluctant leader of the group must make some harsh decisions in a delicate time or the whole group will be in danger of incalculable terror.

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11949483_1061882153831377_2738921038566897740_nA young woman just wants a fresh start. After making poor decisions a way of life, she gives all the fun up to settle into a creepy little apartment, put her life together, and stay clean. Strange noises at night keep her awake and peak her interest. As she delves deeper into the mystery she finds herself the target of two different ghosts.

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412X8TptfRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_What really goes on inside the mind, body, and soul of one who is possessed by an uncaring evil? Surrounded by family and friends, a man fights for his life and his very soul. From the inside looking out, experience first hand what it really means to be have a demon inside of you.

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