Queer books for teens

While I’m frantically working on getting the finishing touches for ‘In Shadows of the Wicked’ completed (expect updates soon), I do have some news on Pale Winter Sun.

There is a website called queerbooksforteens.com, which is a database to collect and categorize queer books for teens. I think this is an awesome idea because it makes it easier for teens to find books that they can relate to. As queer lit and queer teen lit, grows, having these sort of resources is important. The other cool thing is they break the stories down in terms of who is represented, how they’re represented, and to what degree. This makes it easier to find stories to connect with.

Pale Winter Sun has been included on Queer Books For Teens, which is awesome. Previously, they only listed books through publishers, but recently opened it up to self-pub. I’m glad they did because there are a lot of fantastic works out there that are being created through self pub.

It seems that as the cause moves forward, for every two steps forward we have to take one step back. That’s why it’s important to have these sort of resources. Local community centers, organizations (such as BiNetUSA), and social media groups are just as important. We need to utilize, and support, all our resources if we want to keep the forward momentum going.  We have to keep forging ahead for ourselves and for future generations.

Speaking of which, don’t forget that Our Stories is still collecting and posting experiences of our Bi and Bi+ community. A project of The Bicast, Our Stories believes that its important that our community shares its experiences (good and bad) with each other. Feel free to submit your audio recordings, or emails to ourstoriesbicast(@)gmail.com. If you are not comfortable with recording your own, then I’ll record it for you and you can listen to it in the sultry sound of my voice.  🙂

Queerly yours,
-Your Weird Uncle Mick


Bi Week musings and why I put a list of resources in Pale Winter Sun

This week is Bi Week.  It’s a week where bisexuals try and remind people what the ‘B’ in LGBT means and raise awareness to tear down some stigmas.  I suppose it seems fitting that Pale Winter Sun came out just a few weeks before, especially since one of the characters is coming terms with his bisexuality.  It can be a tricky thing to do, coming to terms with who we are.  More so when we are young and not to the standards of the status quo.  One of the biggest concerns with bisexual youth is violence, depression, and abandonment.  But it is far from exclusive to just bi youth.  Teenagers in general have staggeringly high statistics in these areas.  LGBT+ youth doubly so.

I wrote PWS because of this.  To be honest the idea fills me such sadness and anger.  Our youth deserve better, as do we all.  I also wrote PWS because of an amazing young woman that I am blessed to have in my life.  I just wanted to do my part, using what meager abilities that I have, to make the world a little bit better for her.  To show her that things are dark but there is hope.  That life can kick you around, but strength and resilience can pull you through.  I can only hope that others see it similarly as well.

My friend, and Bi-activist extraordinaire, Lynnette Mcfadzen suggested adding resources to the book.  I couldn’t put them in fast enough.  A story is one thing, even with a good message.  But sometimes people need help, a hand to hold, and there are a lot of people and organizations out there to do that.  The list I added is far from comprehensive but for those who might need it, it’s a start.  I’m going to add the list here as well.  I may do my part for the bi community, but in the broader view, I don’t give a shit about your sexuality, religion, race, gender, shoe size, or preference of toothpaste.  We’re all in this together and we need to start working as one if we’re going to do anything worth a damn.  I believe that with all my heart.  If we can’t foster that in our youth, then when else to we start?

So hats off to my other bisexual peoples on this Bi Week and any other week.  I hope we can soon come to a time when such things are needless and archaic.  That for once and forever we finally stop squabbling over stupid shit and concentrate on more important issues.  (Like buying books from starving authors or buy them a beer once in awhile.  Things like that)

Resources for LGBT+ youth and beyond.

It’s a rough world for everyone.  More so for those who don’t fit in gender and orientational norms.  I’ve listed a few resources if you feel alone and need some help.  While this list is geared toward youth in need, parents and adults who would like to some understanding can also check out these as well.  If you are in crisis or in trouble, always try to reach out.  If you feel there is no one to reach out to, keep the below in mind.  Just know: THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE TO REACH OUT TO!

LGBT+ Youth Resources





The BiCast.org – (podcasting for the bisexual+ communtiy)



Asexuality.org – (Asexual Visibility and Education Network)

Interactoadovates.org – (Intersex youth)




Trans Student Educational Resources




Suicide / Crisis



Text anonymous crisis counselor 741741


Remember kids: stay in school, don’t drink and drive, and let’s be safe out there.