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Shhhh….The Headphone Bleed is currently sleeping.  Hopefully sometime in the future it will wake again.

The Headphone Bleed is a station dedicated to music.  All the music.  You can listen in at anytime by going to the Live365 button below. (Update** Live365 has been hosed by the O Holy Licencing Govt. Dept. and unfortunately forced to shut down. be expensive. I am currently looking for a new home for the station.  Keep going to though, past and future episodes are still up there**) It will whisk you off the the wonderland of amazing sounds.  But every Sunday night at 9pm(cst) we go live, baby.  The Live Bleed Broadcast Thingy is where you get to hear me talk about fantastic things, play more great music and even talk to some people.  Have a few laughs, have a few drinks, kick back and relax.  You can relive the magic of each show, in all it’s grandeur, below.  Lucky you.

I’m always taking requests, ideas, cookie recipes, marriage proposals, and death threats any time.  Email funkyhorror42(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave a comment here.

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The Headphone Bleed is now a part of FANBOYTV.COM.  This is awesome because now it can go out to a broader audience and episodes and the station can can be accessed from one central location.  All new shows will be posted at FanboyTV but if you’re hankering for some old school Bleed then this is where you want to be.


Haggis Lollipop

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 2/1/15

After a long hiatus of moving, work, and saving the world from roving bands of Khardasians; I have returned!  A diverse mix of tunes were dispensed: Radiohead, Jenny Lewis, Rammstein, and Liam Lynch.  Our Featured Talent were funkmeisters Brownout.  I decided to turn a long standing joke into the Top Five: Song to violently fold laundry to.  We also talked about Haggis Lollipops, Bigfoot having babies in Texas, a gamergater not helping his cause, and anti-vice crusaders also not helping their cause.  I also went through a long list of people I have previously promoted.

It’s 2015, don’t you think we should stop being dicks?

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 1/4/14

2014 had it’s ups and downs so we’re bringing in the new year right.  We brought back all the Featured and Found talents like               O Conqueror, Brave Black Sea, and Bermuda Triangle.  Topics of discussion (in no particular order) was the giant hole in the sun’s ass, hack music writers, and one woman’s resolution for laughs and orgasms every day.  Top Five was top five songs you should have listened to more of in the 90’s.

Oysters Have Herpes

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 12/21/14

This week, after a short vacation, we came back strong. Shook the windows with The Well, Black Mountain, and Better Than Ezra.  Our Found Talent was Bermuda Triangle and Top Five was songs of color.  We talked about Vivid Video going waaay too far, the drunk app we’ve needed all along, Cards Against Humanity sending shit, and oysters getting herpes.  Keep sending those requests and ideas!

Bermuda Triangle – Facebook, Soundcloud

Jazz, Baby

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 12/7/14

Out of nowhere we went all smokey club and dance hall with a damn fine selection of jazz.  Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughn, Dave Brubeck, and of course Sun Ra brought the groove.  We talked a little jazz, how even Slayer loves kitties, about people being dicks to Furries, and Don Henley is a litigious douche pump.  I was also nice enough to through out some gift idea.  They were horrible gift ideas and will only make you enemies, but whatever you’re into, I guess.  I mean, I’m not one to judge.

Constipation Blues

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 11/30/14

A fine show of music and revelry this week despite the fact that my internet connection crapped out right at the end and we were plagued with some sound issues.  We talked about Brandon Ford’s new book Coffee at Midnight, the new Star Wars Trailer, how I did not get shot in Austin, and heard the Aztec death whistle. (which is a great band name, BTW) Our top five was brassy blues songs that were kinda inappropriate and our Found Talent was Brave Black Sea.  And then the connection dropped and the show suddenly stopped for no reason.  Ah technology, you fickle bitch.

Brandon Ford – Coffee At Midnight – Amazon


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> Originally aired 11/23/14

Another powerhouse of a show where we played some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blackwater Prophet, and The Black Angles.  (The theme was unintentional.)  Found Talent of the Week was the amazing Duke Spirit and our Top Five was top five cover songs.  Issues up on the plate were things to be thankful about this upcoming holiday, Barbie, and a British morning show that showed uncensored testicles on live TV.  Also made a case for why everyone needs to watch some burlesque.

30th Episode Edition

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ==> 30th Episode

In celebration of the 30th episode, we’re living up to the namesake and played music that could cause you to feel funny when you listen with the headphones on.  We rocked some TV on the Radio, KMFDM, Zero 7, How To Destroy Angels, and Incubus.  Franz Ferdinand and PJ Harvey was requested and happily played.  Discussion topics included rabbit penis, why stupid people like the Kardashians should be ignored, and space things.  And let’s not forget a visit from Dr. Farquad and then some Music History factoids.

Songs about Rock n’ Roll with Rock n’ Roll in the Title

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN==> Originally Aired 11/2/14

Happily we played a number of tune tunes.  The Duke Spirit, The Butchers and the Builders, and Tegan and Sara, to name a few.  We waxed a little more philosophical about Gamergate.  Also we mused about what would it be like to pee in the Large Hadron Collider. Great request were made for Goblin Cock and Lords of Acid.  I also recommended you all go see Carrie: The Musical.  Also my good buddy G.W. Wright has come out with another fantastic book in his Spilling Blood series.

G.W. Wright: Amazon, Blog

A Slapped Together Hot Mess

Click Here To Listen==> Originally aired 10/26/14

There was a strong possibility that I wasn’t going to be able to do a show this week so I didn’t plan anything.  Then it turned out that I was free so I said, “Screw it, we’re going on!” That that’s just what we did.  With some help from friends of the show we played Bollock Brothers, Alice Cooper, The Royal Guardsman, and A Place to Bury Strangers.  Discussed some things to do with yourself when you’re dead and wall made of skin that sweats.

Looks Like I out myself with Lynnette from The

Click Here To Listen ==> Looks like I out myself with Lynnette MFadzen from The

My first ever interview and it’s with Lynnette MFazden with The  We talk about Bi issues and Bi community.  Then I hand the reins over to her and she gives us some great music like Ingrid Michaelson, Florence and the Machine, and Coheed and Cambria.  I talked about movies people watched ON Halloween and then had a Devilish Top Five.  An extra long show for your listening pleasure.  Found Talent of the Week was 1000mods, and goddamn if they didn’t rock it.

The Bicast: Podcast

Other links you really should click on:


Click Here to Listen ==> Originally aired 10/12/14

I promised some changes to the show and I gave it.  Introduced new segments like a quick Book Review, Shit I Found On the Internet, and the Found Talent of the Week.  This was in addition to all the usual shameless plugs, music, and Dr. Farquad.  Essentially I just talk more now.  The Found Talent of the Week was Austin based O Conqueror and their melodic goodness.  We talked about Archer, Archie, Gamergate (soapbox alert), and why we hate clowns now.  Our feature shout out was fellow AHS member Jesse Midnightkrawler and his website Gruesome Encounters. Let’s not forget the new Black Bed Sheet book Monster Ink by Timothy Baker.

O Conqueror: Official Website

Jesse Midnightkrawler: Gruesome Encounters, A Demented Domain – YouTube channel

Timothy Baker: BBS, Amazon

I ♥ Hitchhiker’s Guide

Click Here To Listen ==> Hitchhiker’s Guide Show

To show the love for the amazing work that is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I played a live concert of Douglas Adams reading excerpts from the trilogy.  It’s always great to hear it straight from the author, especially so from him.  He will be dearly missed.  We talked a bit about the Guide and the man himself and then in the remaining time played some old songs from the Dr. Demento show.  A fun night, indeed.

Two Albums, One Cup.

Click Here To Listen ==> The Two Album Show

Just to prove that you never really know what to expect on this show, I put on two entire albums and shut the hell up.  We played My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’s Hit and Run Holiday and then Queens of the Stone Age’s Like Clockwork with minimal interruptions.  I did make the formal announcement that this station is going 24/7.  That’s right.  The Headphone Bleed will play continuous music all the time.  We will still do the live show on Sunday’s, don’t worry.  Hopefully we have some exciting changes coming up for that as well.

Take This Job And Shove It.

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally aired 9/21/14

A truly eclectic mix tonight.  Violent Femmes, TV on the Radio, Incubus, and Johnny Paycheck.  Nine Inch Nails was on request as was something goofy.  We talked about some geek stuff like the new Millenium Falcon and NASA’s plans to get our folks in space again.  I made sure to mention Wade Garret’s book Genesis as well as Steven Jenkins novel Burn the Dead.

Steven Jenkins: Amazon, Black Bed Sheet Books,Website

Tampon Run

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally aired 9/14/14

Another fine night of music.  We busted out the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Amends, and Rattlin Bones.  Got a request for Mars Volta and I find out my version is some weird radio edit.  We talked about how magic mushrooms can help you quit smoking, Brandon Ford’s new book, and a game that helps demystify menstruation called Tampon Run.


Brandon Ford: Coffee at Midnight

Tampon Run: Here

Women in Music

Click Here To Listen ==> Women in music 9/7/14

This week we featured women in music and tried to put some focus on those women who aren’t always up on the mic.  Featured Queen Adreena, White Zombie, The Cramps, Joan Osborne, and Liz Phair.  Had awesome requests for Lauren Hill and Scarling.  Dr Farquad did his usual and we talked about FanboyTV and my interview with Austin Horror.  We also touched on the real identity of Jack the Ripper as well as why scientists shouldn’t poke at the Higgs-Boson particle.  Keep them requests coming!!!


FanboyTV: website

Austin Horror TV: Facebook

The First Sunday

Click Here To Listen ==> The First Sunday

It’s our first Sunday night show and we kicked it off by being a little bit silly.  Had some Ween, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, and Wall of Voodoo.  People requested some more Ween and Electric Six, which was a nice thing to do.  I implored people to help our good friend Heather some more.  We also talked about space whiskey, a new BBS book by Nik Kerry, and some nail polish to  find out who the real douchebags are in a crowd. (Hint, they turn colors if they detect date-rape drugs)


Hope for Heather: Gofundme

Space Whiskey: Here

Nik Kerry: BBS

Undercover Colors: Here

The Last Saturday

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally Aired 8/23/14

An eclectic assortment of music.  Monster Magnet, Ween, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and Cathedral.  Had some awesome requests for Billy Joel and AC/DC.  We talked about Comets bigger that Los Angeles, Black Bed Sheets new line of children’s books, and the possibility of the Westboro Baptist Church being sent over to fight ISIS in Iraq. I also talked about my good freind Heather who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer who needs a little help with the bills.  See the gofundme link below if you’d like to help.

Heather’s gofund me: Gofund me site

Blue Bed Sheet Books – Flatty Kat: Amazon

National Rum Day

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally aired 8/16/14

I pretty much had nothing planned out to talk about and it showed.  The music was choice though: The Hikawis, Janelle Monae, The Dandy Warhols, and some tasty requests.  Dr. Farquad helped yet another needy soul and we talked about how Shark Week is bullshit.  And homophobic Trekkies.  Gave shout outs to Frisky Business Burlesque and why you should all check it out.  Also talked about my new friends with the Austin Horror Society and one of their projects, the Austin Horror Series currently on Fanboy TV.  And let’s not forget Jayra Alamanzor’s new novel Stygian Rift.


Frisky Business Burlesque: Facebook

Austin Horror:

Jayra Alanamzor: Facebook, Amazon, BBS

Played Gotye and felt no shame.

Click Here To Listen ==> Origianally aired 8/9/14

To start off with, I completely forgot my intro but we went into some Nine Inch Nails to make up for it..  Played, Monster Magnet, The Builders and the Butchers, and Ween.  Dr. Farquad was called off to an emergency so we didn’t have a chance to chat with him.  Rest assured, he’ll be back next week. so stay tuned.  We talked about Nicholas White and the Sly Lake Gang, Amity Green and Scales and the sexy writings of Gabbi Wright.  You found out my addiction to Halloween and I had a grumpy old man rant against spam email.

Also don’t forget the new Headphone Bleed facebook page for all sorts of fun stuff:


Nicholas White: Amazon, Blog

Amity Green: Amazon, twitter

Holt Hamilton: Website, Legends of the Sky

Gabbi Wright: Amazon

We found a Loophole

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally aired 8/2/14

After taking a week off (not because I wanted to) we came back with another strange assortment of tunage.  Some of the music featured was Street Sweeper Social Club, Broken Bells, John 5, and Frank Zappa.  We started it off with Iron and Wine.  Dr. Farquad dispensed some great advice to someone in need and we talked about how much bigger Andromeda was than us and a Trans glamor model struggling in Britain.  Gave a shout out to Brandon Ford (see links on a previous show), Carpe Noctem Studios, and The Austin Horror Society.  Not to forget, AnnMarie Martin and her brand spanking new book The Hollow.

Don’t forget, live or not, you can hit me up any time with ideas, requests, or whatever.  Leave a comment here, or email me at


AnnMarie Martin: Blog, The Hollow, (here too)

Carpe Noctem Studios: Facebook, Blog

The Austin Horror Society: Facebook


Click Here To Listen ==> Grunge-o-rama

It was a nostalgic 90’s grunge night (by request even).  We played all the modern masters: Nirvana, STP, and Soundgarden.  And Whale and Hole.  We also introduced our new advice segment ‘Ask Dr. Farquad’ where he answers your questions.  And then we crashed someone else’s radio show live on the air (Due to me just holding the phone up to the mic, you will have to turn volume up for that part).  Shouted out (is that a word?) to author Jeff Carroll (Night on Negro Mountain). And lamented why we broke up with the the Moon.


Jeff Carroll –,  Night on Negro Mountain==> Here too.

Francy and Friends –

Another chill out show!

Click Here To Listen ==> Another chill out show

We played a bunch of kick back tunes.  Massive Attack, Mazzy Star, Fever Ray, and Morphine.  Ended on Portishead and The Rip, but then we had a bonus song; some classic Verve.  A laid back show indeed.

The new intern, Jimmy, enjoyed his first show (if that’s what you want to call it).  And we talked about the Kureig of Beer.  William Howser aka Eddie Rotten and his amazing podcast the Zombielife podcast came up as well as Brandon Ford’s new website: Brandon Ford’s B-Movie blog.  I also had to give some love to Francy and Friends and Joe Flynn because I’m a dick and hadn’t done so yet. Links below so you can check it all out.

And I finally hooked up a real mic so you can enjoy the silky smooth sound of my voice in high quality.


Brandon Ford –, Open Wounds (also see my review)

William Howsler (Eddie Rotten) – Zombielife podcast, FrequenZ

Francy & Friends –

The Joe Flynn Show- Joe Flynn on Facebook

Low Repeater

Click Here To Listen ==> Originally aired 7/5

Okay, I’ll admit, the last few weeks have been busy and the show has been a little slapped together.  I tried to remedy that by making sure I played no repeats.  No songs (maybe just a couple) had been on the show before.  We started the party with some classic blues from Howling Wolf and went from there.  New bands played were The Living Things, Kasabian, Unkle, and Not in the Face!.   We talked about Brutal Doom (and my love for the game Doom in general), a few July facts, and how they are making a tv series for Neil Gaiman’s amazing novel American Gods.

Also mentioned was the fact that my book is now out (I’m sure you have your copy already, right?) and some new stuff coming from Black Bed Sheet Books, such as Nicholas White’s new novel The Sly Lake Gang.


Originally aired 5/3/14

Originally aired 5/10/14

All 80’s show – 5/18/14

Extended all 90’s show – 5/24/14

The Rough Rock Show – 6/1/14

Originally aired 6/7

Originally aired 6/14

Originally aired 6/21


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